Water Main Break 17th/Jewell

Due to a water main break at 17th Street and Jewell, the Inbound West 17th bus will be on regular route to 17th Street and Jewell.  lt will turn North on Jewell to 16th Street, East on 16th Street to College, South on College to 17th Street, East on 17th Street.  Back on route.

The outbound West 17th bus will be on regular route.

Posted 12/12/19

Shelters Under Construction

Due to bus shelters at the mall under construction, from Walmart West this route will exit South on Wanamaker to 17th Street, West on 17th Street to Arvonia, South on Arvonia to the Mall Road, East on the Mall Road into the staging area.  They will then follow the Mall Road East to the IHOP road, East on the IHOP road to Wanamaker.  Exit North onto Wanamaker back on route. 

NOTE: This route will service the North Kohl’s shelter and the temporary Mall stop.

Posted 10/22/19