Due to a street repair on Colfax from 33rd Street to Colfax and construction on Adams from 29th Street to 33rd Street, the outbound California bus will be on regular route to 29th and Adams.  It will continue West on 29th Street to Fremont.  It will turn South on Fremont to Golf Park, East to Bryant.  There will be a temporary bus stop placed at Golf Park and Colfax (on Golf Park).

The inbound California bus will turn North from Golf Park and Bryant to 31st Street, West to Fremont, North to 29th Street, East on 29th Street to Adams.  Back on route.

The following bus stops will not be serviced:

     Adams @ 29th (Joyland/Post Office)
     Colfax @ Avondale (shelter)
     33rd @ Adams
     Adams @29th

Temporary bus stops will be placed at:

      29th and Adams (NE corner)
     Golf Park and Colfax (SW corner on Golf Park)
     29th and Adams (SW corner)   

Map and Timepoints

Designated Stops

Updated 4/9/18
Outbound Inbound
Quincy Street Station Colfax @ Avondale (shelter)
Quincy @ 7th 33rd @ Adams
Quincy @ 6th Adams @ 29th
6th @ Jefferson (Santa Fe Apartments) 29th @ Virginia (Great Life)
6th @ Branner 29th @ Indiana 
10th @ Chestnut 29th @ Wisconsin (East Topeka Dental Association) (shelter)
10th @ Indiana (shelter) 29th @ Iowa
10th @ Lafayette (shelter) California @ 29th (Walgreens)
10th @ Liberty 30th @ Swygart
10th @ California Swygart @ Turnpike
California @ 11th Turnpike @ California
California @ 20th California @ 29th (Dillons) (shelter)
California @ 21st (Grace Med) (shelter) California @ 27th
California @ 22nd Walmart East (shelter)
California @ 24th 25th @ Burr (shelter)
Walmart East (shelter) Belleview Townhomes
25th @ Burr (shelter) 23rd @ Davies
25th @ Golden 23rd @ California
Highland TARC California @ 21st
23rd @ Highland California @ 20th (Topeka Housing Authority) (shelter)
Belleview Townhomes California @ 11th
25th @ Highland Park High School California @ 10th
California @ 27th 10th @ Liberty
California @ 29th 10th @ Lafayette
29th @ Iowa 10th @ Indiana (Juan Poppy Community Center) (shelter)
29th @ Wisconsin 10th @ Branner Trafficway (shelter)
29th @ Indiana Branner @ Branner
29th @ Pennsylvania 6th @ Jefferson (Ramada Inn) (shelter)
Adams @ 29th (Joyland/Post Office) Monroe @ 7th (Shawnee County Courthouse)
Colfax @ Avondale (shelter) Quincy Street Station