Bypassing several inbound stops near 6th & Branner

Due to construction in left-turn lane at SE 6th Street & Branner , the inbound California bus will be on regular route to SE 10th Street and Branner.  It will turn South on Branner to the westbound I-70 on-ramp, exit on SE 8th Street, West on SE 8th Street to Monroe, South on Monroe, back on route. 

On the Inbound, these stops will not be served:

  • SE Branner Trafficway & SE Branner Street
  • SE 6th Street & Jefferson
  • SE 7th Street & Monroe

Posted 3/12/2019

Map and Timepoints

Designated Stops

Updated 4/9/18
Outbound Inbound
Quincy Street Station Colfax @ Avondale (shelter)
Quincy @ 7th 33rd @ Adams
Quincy @ 6th Adams @ 29th
6th @ Jefferson (Santa Fe Apartments) 29th @ Virginia (Great Life)
6th @ Branner 29th @ Indiana 
10th @ Chestnut 29th @ Wisconsin (East Topeka Dental Association) (shelter)
10th @ Indiana (shelter) 29th @ Iowa
10th @ Lafayette (shelter) California @ 29th (Walgreens)
10th @ Liberty 30th @ Swygart
10th @ California Swygart @ Turnpike
California @ 11th Turnpike @ California
California @ 20th California @ 29th (Dillons) (shelter)
California @ 21st (Grace Med) (shelter) California @ 27th
California @ 22nd Walmart East (shelter)
California @ 24th 25th @ Burr (shelter)
Walmart East (shelter) Belleview Townhomes
25th @ Burr (shelter) 23rd @ Davies
25th @ Golden 23rd @ California
Highland TARC California @ 21st
23rd @ Highland California @ 20th (Topeka Housing Authority) (shelter)
Belleview Townhomes California @ 11th
25th @ Highland Park High School California @ 10th
California @ 27th 10th @ Liberty
California @ 29th 10th @ Lafayette
29th @ Iowa 10th @ Indiana (Juan Poppy Community Center) (shelter)
29th @ Wisconsin 10th @ Branner Trafficway (shelter)
29th @ Indiana Branner @ Branner
29th @ Pennsylvania 6th @ Jefferson (Ramada Inn) (shelter)
Adams @ 29th (Joyland/Post Office) Monroe @ 7th (Shawnee County Courthouse)
Colfax @ Avondale (shelter) Quincy Street Station