About Topeka Metro

The Topeka Metropolitan Transit Authority provides bus service within the Topeka city limits and works with other organizations to meet mass transit needs.  The Metro provides fixed route service and paratransit (Lift) service Monday through Saturday during daytime hours.  The Metro currently operates twelve fixed routes and two daily specials. Topeka Metro also provides 24/7 bikeshare service throughout Topeka.

Topeka Metro Facts

  • More than 1.2 million passenger trips in 2017
  • 12 routes
  • 2 “special” local routes
  • Just under 100 employees
  • Service area: Metropolitan City, plus three miles
  • Service area population: 122,377 (2011)

About the Fleet

  • 29 fixed route buses
  • 10 lift-equipped paratransit vehicles
  • Average bus age: 2.8 years

Vision, Mission, and Values

To be known as a transportation solution provider and explore and implement transportation opportunities that enhance the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Greater Topeka community.

To provide safe, reliable, courteous and efficient public transportation service to all residents of the Topeka community.

To operate in an ethical manner within the framework of all regulatory and budgetary constraints while always maintaining a focus on our customers. 


The Topeka Metropolitan Transit Authority was created in 1973 by a vote of the city residents. Over the past four decades, Topeka Metro has grown from a small, privately owned bus service into a leader in local transportation. Topeka Metro has been at the forefront of helping residents find options to get to work and to think transit first.



Topeka Metro fixed route buses have a kneeling feature, so the first step on board is even easier. Every bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramp, which can be used by any passenger. bus operators are trained to assist people with disabilities in boarding and securing their wheelchairs on the bus.  As required by federal law, time points, major transfer points, intersections and destination points along each route are announced.  Operators also identify their bus route when stopping at zones that serve more than one route. Service materials are available in accessible formats, such as large print or Braille, upon request.

  • Lift Paratransit Service
    Topeka Metro’s Lift Service is a paratransit service that provides origin to destination transportation for people whose disability or condition prevents them from using Topeka Metro fixed route buses. Lift Service can take a qualified customer to locations within 3/4 of a mile of a regular Topeka Metro fixed bus route, during the hours that the bus route runs in that area. Passengers must complete an eligibility form and be approved prior to using the service. While the Federal government mandates the eligibility process be completed by 21 days, Topeka Metro strives to provide approval within seven days. For more information on the Lift, call 785-783-7000.
  • Wheelchair Requirements
    Topeka Metro strives to serve anyone in a wheelchair or scooter who can safely board and ride our buses. By Federal Law we are only required to transport people whose mobility aids meet specific standards. For your safety, bus operators use front and rear tie-downs to secure wheelchairs. You may be asked to leave the bus if you refuse to have your wheelchair secured. Lap and shoulder belts are also made available at each wheelchair securement location for added passenger safety.
  • Service Animals
    Service or guide animals necessary for travel by passengers with disabilities are allowed on all Topeka Metro buses and in all facilities. All service or guide animals must be on a leash or in a harness.  The animal must be controlled by the owner.  Other animals, such as pets and therapy or emotional support animals are permitted, but must be fully contained in an appropriate latched pet carrier and remain in the carrier during transport.

Transit Instruction Program

Topeka Metro offers a free Transit Instruction Program for any person who may feel unsure about riding the bus. The instruction is customized to meet each person’s needs. Group presentations are held once a month at Quincy Station. Please contact Customer Service at 783-7000 for more information on presentation dates or to schedule an instruction program.

Website Accessibility

Topeka Metro’s website adheres to most guidelines of section508.gov which requires that Federal agencies’ electronic and information technology be accessible to people with disabilities.

Hours of Operation

Fixed Route Service

Monday to Friday – 5:35 a.m. to 7:35 p.m.
Saturday – 8:15 a.m. to 6:40 p.m.

The Lift Service

The Lift service provides origin to destination service for persons who are unable to use the fixed route service due to a disability.

The hours of operation are the same as the fixed route service.  Qualified passengers must make advanced ride reservations by calling in before 5:00 the day before their trip.

Contact Us

(785) 783-7000
NOTE: If you have an urgent matter during regular business hours, it is best to call the customer service number listed above. 

Quincy Street Station
820 SE Quincy
Topeka, KS 66612